MAVAM Premier Fully Customizable Package

Okay so the MAVAM's are freaking awesome. We went to Seattle where each machine is born to get certified to install, repair, and sell them. They are modular mostly everything is under counter, it's easy to install with Minimal build out requirements. Perfect for the minimalism look! 

They have been in the global market for a couple years now and they have been stress tested in many different environments. They initially launched in international markets and they recently hit the US market and there is only a dozen or so in the states so far making this a cutting edge product.

The repair needs have been so minimal that they trimmed their maintenance package down to annually (which is also pretty inexpensive). Honestly we think it's one of the premier machines on the market. It was designed by technicians with a family history that goes back to the early 1980's in specialty coffee equipment which was basically specialty coffee's birth in the States.

The features on this thing are unbelievable. Thermal heated lines so no loss in heat transfer, new technology to prevent condensation in the steam wands so it's constant dry steam- negating that pesky water in the milk problem you deal with on most machines regardless of blowing the wand out before use. Cool touch technology on the wands so you don't get burned, built in pitcher rinser, complete temperature control. All the normal insides of the unit are panel mounted in the boxes that go under counter making it really easy to work on. Also say you have a special wood you want the handles made out of you can literally send them the wood and they custom make your handles. Custom powder coating if you want. Pretty much dream land of options. Check out there website here:

Package Hardware

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